Combination Readings

Using Astrology, Palmistry and Tarot together, allows you a comprehensive picture of yourself and your situation. Each art/science offers its unique perspective. Combination readings are an opportunity to see the Law of Correspondence in action. This law is based upon the primary Hermetic axiom: As Above, So Below. Not only is it amazing to see the correspondence of our lives with the cosmic patterns in the sky, or in the palm, but to see the correspondence of the different mystic sciences with one another. These mystic arts do not contradict each other when speaking about you; rather, they seem to have a common theme. These repeated themes show us the primary lessons our soul took birth to learn.

I love giving readings that combine all the mystic arts. I am a clear and gentle communicator and an excellent synthesizer of information. I can bring together the information in the hand, the astrology chart and the tarot cards. The price for the comprehensive reading is the same as for a concentration in one area only.

An hour is adequate, but an hour and a half is better if one has the time and resources. My readings cost $300 for one hour or $375 for an hour and a half.

All sessions will be recorded, in mp3 format, so that you can listen to this material again at your leisure. Each reading provides an enormous amount of valuable information. Recording the reading enables you to relax and be completely present without the worry of what you will remember.

Readings are done in person, at my home, in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, or by phone. I live on a charming landmark street that is easily accessible by public transportation.
Please feel free to call or email for an appointment.

Phone: (646) 510-0710