Palmistry Reading

Know Thy Self.
– Inscription over the entrance
to the Oracle at Delphi

Reading a hand is like reading a book. This book is about you, the most interesting and important subject to know about. There is only one hand in the whole world like yours and that’s yours! The story it tells is about your strengths, your talents, your personality traits, your health and how you feel about yourself. It also speaks about your weaknesses and the traits you need to develop to become a well-rounded person. It shows the work and life-style choices that are likely to bring you the most fulfillment. The hand reveals periods of ease or challenge over the course of your life. Mystics call the palm “God’s Road Map”, but we could also say that the hand was a map of the brain. The story of your life is right at your fingertips.

How it Works

What is written in the hand is not fate; instead, it is a report from your Inner Self showing what you are working with and what you’ve got set for your future, as of the present moment. Although there is always a fate, this ‘fate’ is not set in stone. Fate is fluid. We are the co-creator of our future. Palmists know that character is destiny, and that your dominant thoughts determine your future. If you like what you see in your hand, the hand will show you how to go for it. If you do not like what the hand reveals, you can work on yourself, and on your beliefs, thoughts and actions, thereby changing your future. The hand changes as you change, sometimes with startling speed.

Actually, only one hand changes, the dominant one. It shows the story of the present and the future. The recessive hand does not change; it shows the pattern given at birth, the gifts and challenges the soul came in with. Comparing the two hands is fascinating.

My readings cost $300 for one hour and $375 for an hour and a half.
You may use this time any way you like. For example, you can choose to go deeply into the Tarot or combine Tarot with other of my mystic arts to look at your life from different perspectives.

You and I will discuss in advance what you want to gain from the reading and we will design it to suit your needs. One of the gifts I was given was the ability to synthesize information and to communicate in a clear, gentle and understandable manner.

All sessions will be recorded, in mp3 format, so that you can listen to this material again at your leisure. Each reading provides an enormous amount of valuable information. Recording the reading enables you to relax and be completely present without the worry of what you will remember.

Readings are done in person, at my home, in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, or by Skype, Facebook Messenger or phone. I live on a charming landmark street that is easily accessible by public transportation.

Please feel free to call or email for an appointment. I can be reached at: (646) 510-0710