Reading Online

The search for Truth is really a lot of fun.
– Vernon Howard

A very good reading can be done by phone or via Skype, Zoom or Facebook Messenger. I read for people all over the world.
Simply call or email me to make an appointment.

Phone readings should be paid for in advance, with Pay Pal:
Just give them your credit card information, and have the payment credited to my account: Pay Pal will immediately send me a notice that a payment has been made.

As you can imagine, it is easy to do Astrology or Tarot on the telephone, but Palmistry can be done as well. A great deal of information can be obtained about the hand from a photo. If you have a digital camera then you can email me a picture, or several pictures, of your palm.

Here are some tips for taking a photograph of your hand. The lines in the palm photograph best when the photo is taken outside, in clear light. An overcast day is perfect for hand photography, but a sunny day is good too, as long as no direct sunlight is on the palm. Direct sunlight tends to obscure details. Indoor photos should be taken near a window. On this page is a photo I took of a friends hand using a simple digital camera.

The best photos include both palm and fingers. I can enlarge the photo and easily zoom in to see any details on the lines.

Photograph both hands, as each one contains important information. The recessive hand shows the qualities given at birth, and is not likely to change over the course of the life. The dominant hand changes as we change, and is an up-to–the minute report on how you are doing now, and what your future currently holds.

The price for all readings is $300 for one hour and $375 for an hour and a half. All readings will be recorded in mp3 format so that you may listen to them more that once. You are welcome to email or call with any questions about my work and to design a reading to fit your specific needs.
Phone: (646) 510-0710