Recorded In-Depth Tarot Classes

Everyone who will can hear the Voice. It is within everyone, but like everything else, it requires previous and definite preparation
-Mahatma Gandhi

The School of Oracles Presents An in-depth, online, pre-recorded Tarot Course with Ellen Goldberg. This 48-lesson course is available for purchase at ½ the price of the original live version.

Click HERE to contact Ellen about registration. It is the school’s purpose to send skilled readers into the world. 

Take the Journey and become a Profound Reader

The Tarot is a handbook to higher consciousness. It is a book of wisdom, disguised as a pack of cards. The Tarot is an oracle that connects you to levels of consciousness not ordinarily available to the conscious mind. The archetypal images of the Tarot speak directly to the intuition and subconscious mind, gateway to the superconscious.
The Tarot allows you to take an active part in your own evolution and healing, and to become a healing source for others. As a mirror for the soul, the Tarot accelerates the process of Self-realization.

This class will help you develop your intuition and the ability to read the stories the cards wish to tell.

Tarot is a part of the Western Hermetic Tradition. It is a river of knowledge into which the streams of Kabbalah, Alchemy, Astrology, Hermetic Philosophy, and Natural Magic have flowed. This course will give you a basis for all of these subjects.

This class will prepare you to become a Tarot Professional, or if that is not your path, to become a deep and profound reader for yourself and your friends.

Once you read the cards, your own Inner Teacher will guide you. This teacher is called by many names, among them: Spirit, the True Self, The Voice of the Heart. Remember, intuition means ‘inner tutor‘. Through trance, Inner Journeys, and Guided Meditations, this class will help you to establish that connection for life.

For those of you considering becoming a Tarot professional extra private training and coaching can be arranged for an additional, moderate fee. Tarot is a recession-proof profession, for when people have problems, they need readers all the more. Another wonderful feature of the Tarot is that the older you get, the more you are valued and respected. You can be a reader all your life, let your hair grow grey, and become a Wise Elder!

About the Class- Pricing and Recordings

This class is appropriate for both beginning and advanced students. The class starts at the very beginning so that nothing is left out. Everything you need to become a deep reader will be covered.

The class will be comprised of both lectures on symbolism and meaning as well as reading instruction and practice. The Rider-Waite-Smith deck is used as the basis of instruction, but the information is applicable to any favorite deck you wish to use. It is wise to purchase a deck of Rider-Waite for practice while taking the course.

The course is composed of 48 lessons of 1.5 to 2 hours each in length. The course is divided into four semesters consisting of 12 classes per semester.

Each class is available for viewing at your own pace.

The tuition for the entire certification course was $2400. Now it is available for $1,200 for the 4 semesters.

This can be paid all at once, or it may be divided into four equal payments of $300 each, payable at the time of purchase of each separate semester.

Tuition can be paid by Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle. Any merchant fees are the responsibility of the student.

What you will get from this class

* Become a certified reader through the School of Oracles
* Develop your intuition and psychic receptivity
* Learn the most important Tarot spreads that will enable you to answer any question
* Connect to your own inner wisdom

About Ellen

Ellen Goldberg is a retired psychotherapist and a working mystic. She has been teaching Tarot within the Western Hermetic Tradition for 40 years. Ellen is the founder and director of the School of Oracles in New York and has been on the faculty of the NY Open Center, teaching both Tarot and Palmistry since 1986. Ellen has had the honor of teaching Tarot around the world including Beijing, CH, Prague, CZ, Florence, IT, the Library at Alexandria in Egypt, and Granada, Spain. In 2021 New York Magazine named Ellen the best Hand Reader in New York City. Her book “The Art and Science of Hand Reading” was voted by Peoples’ Choice on Amazon and Good Reads as number one in its field.

Ellen is available for readings by phone or Zoom. Her specialty is a synthesis of all the mystic sciences: Tarot, Palmistry, and Astrology for a complete view of yourself and your path.