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The School of Oracles Presents:
Palmistry Class with Ellen Goldberg
February 2022

A Palmistry class will begin in early February 2022. This class will meet online Thursday evenings from 8 pm to 9:45 pm. Everything one needs to become a skilled reader will be thoroughly covered.

Palmistry is both an art and a science. It is based on scientific principles that can be learned by anyone. The hand is called ‘God’s Road Map,’ and is one of the most valuable tools we have for guidance.
Knowledge of Palmistry will enrich the lives of all with whom you come in contact.

Palmistry’s use as a means of psychological insight and divination dates back thousands of years. Isaac Newton regarded Palmistry with great respect and said: “In want of other proofs, the thumb alone would convince me of the existence of a God.”

There is a key in Palmistry to understanding the mystery between fate and free will. Palmistry proclaims that character is destiny. Your work on yourself is of great value because the hand changes as you change. The hand is an up to the minute report from your own Higher Self. It shows how you are doing in many areas of your life, including health, love and financial security. It reveals your talents, strengths and weaknesses. It indicates the most suitable careers and lifestyles for a fulfilling life. The hand is a mirror of the soul.

About the Classes

The class begins at 8 pm EST, and is one hour and forty-five minutes in length. We will meet three to four times a month.

This course is composed of 4 semesters. These semesters are comprised of 12 lessons each. There will be 48 lessons in all.
The course is a journey we will take together as a community, and much concerning the class will be decided by class consensus. There will be liberal vacations in the summer and at holiday times.
Each class will be Video-recorded in the event that a class must be missed. Recordings are sent out to all students the morning after class.

The fee for the entire course is $2,400
Payment may be divided into four payments of $600, due at the beginning of each semester, and a deposit of $250 is due when reserving a place in the class.

Please feel free to email me at: alchemicalellen@gmail.com with any questions about the class or about my work.